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Month: December 2016

Brave Alfo | Iceland Aurora Photo tours

[ad_1] Brave Alfo | Iceland Aurora Photo toursBrave Alfoimage focusHere on the banks of the Jökulsarlon Ice Lake in South East Iceland, we were suddenly surprised with some colour in the sky. After a fairly grey day, we acted...

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Horn Reflect – Tony Prower

[ad_1] Reflections give us double the beauty. Altered textures and altered reality giving us extra depth … Horn Reflect – Tony ProwerHorn Reflect Good old Vesturhorn reflected in a shallow sand pool. The light was not...

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Dýrholaey | Iceland Aurora Photo tours

[ad_1] Dýrholaey was the home of an important character in the Icelandic “Bruna Njalls Saga” (The Burning of Neil). Kari (the singed) was the only person to escape the arson attack. Dýrholaey | Iceland Aurora Photo...

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Volcano Logo

Volcano logo graphic by tnp_sevenknights_friendship from TheNounProject is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Photographs owned by Tony Prower (C)