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Month: May 2019

Summer snow in North Iceland

Summary issued 29 May 2019 Snow could fall in North Iceland tomorrow, apart from that there is nothing unusual about the weather for the next few days. Weather and conditions on the main roads: It might snow in North Iceland on...

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Snow in the North

At this time of year the nature is wet and the sensitive nature is at risk of damage. Stay on marked paths/trails everywhere! Weather and conditions on main roads: Snow showers to be expected in North and North East Iceland...

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Danger in Reykjanes

Danger in ReykjanesThe quiet peninsular of Reykjanes was always though of as the quiet lamb of Iceland’s mid-Atlantic riff.  The colourful geothermal mud-pots at Seltun were once a relaxing picnic area with only the...

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Volcano Logo

Volcano logo graphic by tnp_sevenknights_friendship from TheNounProject is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Photographs owned by Tony Prower (C)