Beginners welcome

Many people ask if our photo tours are suitable for beginner level photographers. The answer is always “Yes, absolutely”. This article attempts to explain why beginner photographers are not only very welcome, but actually get better value from our Iceland photo tours.

Photo workshop
Photography is a life long learning activity. One never stops learning. Not just about cameras, lenses, composition and exposure. Photography teaches us about nature, weather, travel and other people. Our stance is that photography skills are no closely guarded secrets, but knowledge to be shared.

The main reason we are so positive about welcoming beginners on our photo tours is because we learn from teaching. It doesn’t matter how good you are with a camera, photography is all about the eye and how we see. In that sense, we learn something from everyone we teach, because we learn how other people see. In many ways, this is the essence of photography. In other words, if we all saw the same way, photography would be pointless.

Photo instructors

Our guides are hand selected because we have the ability to teach and the willingness to help our guests get the most out of our trip. We are working with cameras and lenses all the time and have regular access to the fantastic photo locations that Iceland has to offer. If you are new to photography and have traveled a long way to Iceland, it makes sense to tour with someone who has incredible experience with cameras and Iceland photo locations.

Our recommendations

On a budget, you might want to try a 1 day photo tour at the beginning of your trip to get some cameras skills and experience of Icelandic conditions.

Our evening Northern lights tours run from late August through to early April are a great introduction to night and long exposures. It makes sense to let an experienced photography take you to the right place and guide you through the camera skills.

For more adventurous photographers, we offer a full range of Multi day photo tours to let you experience dozens of great photo locations. Being with our experienced photo instructors for several days is a sure way to lift your photography skills to the next level.

For the ultimate photography learning experience, our Iceland photo workshops take you through many skills in many locations. The added benefit of our photo workshops are the group learning environment where we all learn from each other about all different aspects of photography,from tripod to photoshop.

All of our scheduled photo tours and workshops have sharing options so you can enjoy a quality small group photography experience without breaking the bank. Se this page to make a Shared photo tour request.

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