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Tony Prower

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Ice Abstracts

The incredible texture in glacier ice are forged by high pressure, weather and finally the sea. These photos are mostly taken with my 135mm prime lens on rainy days.

General Abstracts

Here is a collection of nice abstracts stolen from their natural context. I love to make visual studies of texture and form. These make lovely photo prints and gifts. I can’t think of anything abstract to say except New Jet Parkers. Enjoy!

Ice Beach

The ice, crystal, diamond beach is an incredible place to visit. I have been there thousands of times and this gallery features some of my favourites. The glacier ice gets sculpted by the sea and then is washed up onto black sand. The shapes, contrast and light here can be amazing.

Northern Lights

The powerful light displays of the aurora borealis are fantastic to witness. If you weren’t lucky enough to see them, these photos should give you the next best thing. These are long exposures and sometimes the floating ice moves during the exposure.


Waterfalls are a sign of a new landscape. There are so many waterfalls in Iceland that it is impossible to count them. After heavy rains, waterfalls can appear where they haven’t been seen before. Generally, I like to shoot Northern waterfalls, like Godafoss in the Summer and Southern waterfalls, like Svartifoss in the Winter.


Iceland landscapes are some of the best in the world. The battle of Ice and Fire, Glacier and Volcanoes has left scars everywhere. The beaches and coastlines are stunning with great drama and colours.

Glacier Lagoons

The landscapes in this collection are created as the great glaciers grow and shrink. I try to include the ice shelf in the shot as much as possible to tell the story of the landscape.

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