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Do you ever have times when everything fits together in a collection of strange coincidences?

For me, I seem to have more moments when everything falls apart in a mass of coincidences, but this time it was different, the stars were in alignment. After my previous show at the Brick Lane Gallery in London, my artwork was collected by my Aunt and she kindly stowed them in her wardrobe in her Sumerset cottage. Not wanting them to be in her wardrobe for too long, I approached several art shops and galleries in Bristol (just an hour from my Aunt). Half the responses were “we don’t show photographs”, the other half were “we only show local artists”, but the Justnanco Gallery responded positively and offered to host my Magnificent Earth collection.

Tours Around Iceland

Bristol Airport

This coincided with Easy Jet starting their service from Iceland to Bristol (and back).

Justnanco Gallery

Here I am saying something important to guests on the open evening. Effectively I am blocking the door which is a proven sales technique. The open evening allowed for private viewing and fine wine and chocolates accompanied the fine art. The shop is owned by Stephen Ocquaye who has a fantastic eye for visual display and tells a good story. He is a good salesman and so I feel that my pictures are in the right place.

Justnanco Gallery

Clifton Art Shop

My fine art prints will be on show over Christmas, so there are plenty of opportunities to pop in and see the photographs for yourself.

Justnanco Gallery

This little art shop in the Clifton district of Bristol hosts regular work by local photographer Tony Howell and some stunning sculptures and colourful glass-work.


Digital Downloads

Download printable Iceland photos!!

See the full collection HERE.

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