Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights are an amazing show of nature’s power. The Northern Lights are best appreciated in person because even the best photographs don’t do them justice. Today there are a number of European locations through which it’s common to see the northern lights. Iceland is commonly argued to be one of the ‘greatest’. The visibility, brightness and power of the lights is dependent on the time of the year, climate and a number of other different weather conditions. This article aims to help you decide the best place to go on your Iceland holiday. Right here, we are going to discuss three of the absolute best Iceland Locations for you to see the Northern Lights.

Iceland aurora

Iceland aurora


Iceland is located in probably the most lively areas of the Aurora Belt. So long as the skies are clear and dark, the Northern Lights are seen nearly all the night.


The Capital City of Reykjavik in Iceland is the easiest contender. It is not the very best place to see the northern lights. From the City, Northern Lights displays are not as spectacular because of the quantity of artificial lighting affecting the view. But just out of town you can see the Northern Lights very well. Also there are a number of operators within the city with plenty of skill and experience. The most convenient part is that you’re near all the hotels and restaurants.

Reykjavik Northern lights

Northern Lights from Reykjavik


The Glacier lagoon in South East of Iceland has regular Northern Lights displays. This area is mountainous with huge glaciers. The glacier lagoon is also on the edge of the ocean. These factors combine to give the area it’s own weather systems. Weather is not good all the time, but the cool air of the glaciers provides clear skies maybe twice as often as the Reykjavik area. The Glacier lagoon is very picturesque and is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights.

Auroras over the glacier

Auroras over the glacier

Northern Lights over Jökulsarlon

Northern Lights over Jökulsarlon

Snæfellsnes Peninsular

The Snæfellsnes Peninsular is a beautiful volcanic landscape in West Iceland. The peninsular has a ridge of mountains dividing the North from the South. This means that if it is cloudy on one side, it could be clear on the other. Kirkjufell is the most photographed mountain in Iceland. Kirkjufell mountain is on the North side of the peninsular and is a top spot for viewing the Northern Lights.

Auroras over Kirkjufell

Auroras over Kirkjufell on a 2 day Snæfellsness photo tour

Although we consider these are among the best locations in Iceland to see the northern lights, these are fairly just a few of many different choices.

Northern Lights Tours


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