Iceland’s winter nights are very long and give photographers good opportunities for a  variety of images including the desirable Northern Lights.  Even when there is no Aurora, there could be stars, milky way or just a long exposure landscape.  Please browse my gallery of Night Photography below. Hovering over the image will show you the image number in case you want to buy a print or download using the form at the bottom of the page.  Clicking on a photo will launch the slide show which will allow you to view the pictures at a reasonable size.

Northern light photo prints

Northern light photographs can make fantastic large prints.  These aurora photos were taken with a modern DSLR with a powerful sensor suitable for long exposure night photography.  Unlike inferior sensors, these images are noise free which means that your photography print will have great details and sharpness because very little noise reduction was used to process them.  Most of these pictures will create quality photo prints up to 90cm on the longest edge.  One of the Northern light panorama photos would create a print over 200cm long.


The camera used to take these is more sensitive than the human eye.  The colours captured by long exposures and a powerful sensor are much more than the human eye can see.

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Order a signed photo print for personal use.  Note the number(s) of the photo that you are interested in buying then specify the use, sizes and signed on the front or back..  All advertised prices include post and packaging.  Delivery time is around a month for signed prints.

Price guide

High end prints

  • 30 cm $40 USD
  • 60 cm $65 USD
  • 90cm $85 USD

If you want a commercial license, please complete details of use and distribution in the message box. We will get back to you with a quote.

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Photo Products

Here are a few examples of the hundreds of photo products featuring this otherworldly phenomenum,   Northern lights wall calendars and posters, aurora mugs and more, are available to order online for delivery to your door.  I have included a large collection of aurora photos for the multi-page calendars and many of these aurora images are available as poster calendars  or very reasonably priced poster prints.

Iceland Photo Products

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