Bárðarbunga Volcano – Tremors Under Vatnjokull Glacier

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Eyjafjallajokull volcano

Iceland Earthquake Map

Earthquakes above three on the scale have been registered under the Vatnjokull Glacier. The latest was almost a five on the scale which is about as high as the scale goe for the local monitors. The large tremor was under the North West edge of Vatnjokull very close to the Bárðarbunga Volcano.

Bárðarbunga is the second largest volcano in Iceland and the third largest in the world. A large eruption here can be disastrous for Iceland and could affect Europe significantly.  Bárðarbunga is capable of creating a hundred squared kilometers of lava flow.

Earthquake map of Iceland
Tremors under Vatnjokull Glacier
The larger tremors seem to be immediately followed by a a smaller but still significant quake.

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Pseudo Eruption

In 2014 there was such a big swarm of tremors at Bárðarbunga that the Geologist actually thought there was an eruption. The last eruption before this event was in 1910.  many eruption of  Bárðarbunga have been hidden below the might Vatnjokull Glacier.

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