Discovery is the Path to Creative Photography

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Does your inner photographer crave more creativity?

Maybe you have access to a woodland, beach or city skyline near you.  You have probably approached your local photography hot-spot in different weather, different times of the day and in all seasons just for the subtle differences in your photos.  Our creative minds crave novelty.  Something new or a different challenge can help our minds to see the world differently and develop your creative brain.

The diverse landscapes combined with the dramatic weather of Iceland is a sure way to raise your creative game.  Creative photographers challenge their skills and raise the bar each time they develop camera skills to a new height.  Because of such unique Nature, a trip to Iceland can put you in a different league altogether.  Although you are unlikely to  excel in the new league without a very long trip or with the help of an experienced photo guide. Our experienced photo guides take all the driving,  background research and guessing out of your trip and deliver you to the right places at the right time.  In most cases you will be enjoying quality time at great locations with a photo guide who knows all the angles and is happy to help and instruct.

Powerful Aurora display

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon


Small Group Ice Caving

Team of photo guides

We have been arranging photo tours in Iceland since 2010.  Over 1000s of trips we have the experience to read the weather conditions and aim for top locations with the best use of time and light.  Our guides are all registered Iceland tour operators and fully licensed drivers. With our experience driving many many miles in Winter conditions, you couldn’t be in safer hands.  All guides have experience instructing photography on photo workshops. We all have a passion for Nature photography.

Customer benefits

  • Our experienced guides will keep you at the top of your game
  • ur photo tours are flexible to allow for better use of weather conditions
  • You can combine your tour with other activities from our partners
  • Secure online payment lets you book with 10% deposit and refund guarantee
  • We can create an entire tour, hotel, activity package – just ask

What our customers say

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Make it happen

If you are still reading, this could be a sign that your inner photographer is craving a trip to Iceland.  So what are your options?

  1. Give up, it’s not going to happen – I will stick with local photo shoots and slowly develop my camera skills.
  2. Self drive – allow plenty of time to scout locations to get the best out of your trip.  It can take a full day + hotel fees, just to scout a small part of Iceland for hidden gems. Ice road experience is essential in the Winter and you need to know ahead of time if a road is likely to close or dangerous weather is approaching.
  3. Join one of our small group workshops for unbeatable prices.  For a fraction more than a self-drive, you will enjoy an intensive 5 days of guided photography in the most beautiful parts of Iceland.
  4. For a serious investment in your photography our private tours could be just the ticket. We offer a bespoke service or we can suggest an itinerary to suit your interests.  Private tours are expensive for solo travellers, but are great value for a group of 4 and everyone is welcome.
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By Tony Prower

Tony Prower spent over 15 years photographing the landscapes of Iceland. Tony Prower is a pioneer of the Magic Cloth Technique and ran thousands of photo tours in Iceland over 10 years.