6 day Diamonds & Dragons

6 day Diamonds & Dragons

Diamonds & Dragons

This multi-day, guided tour will take you around the best of South & West Iceland in six days. Touring from North West to South East with many top photo locations.

This is a nicely paced tour with 3 hotels over the 5 nights. The hotels are in good central locations suitable for Night photography. There is a healthy mix of busy travel photography and relaxed landscapes away from the crowds.

Six day schedule

  1. North West – Hvitserkur & Hraunfossar
  2. Snæfellsnes – Budir, Arnarstapi & Kirkjufell
  3. Golden circle – Thingvellir,Geysir & Gullfoss
  4. South Coast – Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Black sand beaches
  5. Glacier Lagoons – Jökulsarlon & Ice beach
  6. South East – Vestrahorn Mountain

Note: could be in reverse order.


Iceland photo tour route map

These are just the popular locations to give you a sense of the route. This photo trip will include many not-so-well known photo locations with a chance to avoid the crowds.

North West Iceland

The North West has gentle landscapes and impressive waterfalls. The Drinking dragon at Hvitserkur is the main attraction. This troll rock is an ancient volcanic plug. The shape conjures many different interpretations. This is the site of many successful Iceland landscape photographs.

Drinking Dragon

Hvitserkur Iceland photo location Nearby an impressive waterfall in a witch’s canyon will keep your cameras happy. The fascinating array of waterfalls at Hraunfossar will complete your first day. Hraunfossar waterfall Iceland photo locations

Hvitserkur drinking dragon

Snæfellsnes Peninsular

The Snæfellsnes peninsular is home to Iceland’s best coastal scenes & the most photographed mountain.

This part of the photo adventure will visit Kirkjufellsfoss as well as the famous black church at Buðir at prime times. The tour will also cover the coastal regions at Londrangar and the fishing village at Arnarstapi.

Londrangar Snæfellsness Sunset

Kirkjufellsfoss Summer

Golden circle

The Golden circle is a relaxed day to enjoy & photograph Iceland’s national treasures. Thingvellir is rich with geology & history & is a great example of Iceland’s diversity.Oxarafoss at ThingvellirFeel the power of planet Earth at Gullfoss and Geysir. These amazing photo locations will ground your photography. Gullfoss photo tour Gullfoss waterfall Iceland

Erupting Geyser

Erupting GeyserThis part of the trip will include a few other less well known locations to give good variety.

South Coast

The South Coast has many fantastic photo locations. We stop at the waterfalls Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss & some secret waterfalls. We make stops on the black sand beaches at Vik & visit the impressive coastline at Dýholaey.Vik Sun


This waterfall gives you 360 angles to play with. We often save this until last because it is possible to get very wet.South Coast tour


Skogafoss Vertical

We travel along the South coast on the way out and the way back. So there are opportunities to shoot some locations in different conditions.

This route has a few secrets spots to get you away from the tour buses.


Jolly Roger 2 The Diamond beach near Jökulsarlon is definitely the best place to photograph glacier ice. The black sand and changeable ocean create the perfect setting for crystal ice photography.


Vestrahorn Square

The beach mountain combination at Vesturhorn provides superb opportunities for landscape photography. The amazing landscape with the Vesturhorn mountain in the background presents photographic challenges & rewards.

Blue VestraHorn

Book your tour

Private, guided photo tours

Private tours are quick to confirm and extra flexible to fit your plans. You can choose to share your private tour which will reduce costs as passengers join.

Book your private tour here.


Seasons: Running all year


Winter (Mid Sept – Mid April ) start times are around 09.30. We shoot regular hours which could include night shooting for Auroras and sunrise/set on the ice beach.

Summer (Mid April – Mid Sept)
The tour could start after 14.00 in the Summer. Mid-Summer, this could involve shooting through the night hours (22.00-06.00) and sleeping in tents during the day.

  • Includes pick-up and drop-off from the Reykjavik area.
  • Includes accommodation for the duration of the tour.
  • Suitable for photographers of all levels.
  • Private for your small group


Breakfast is normally include in the Hotel. We usually eat evening meal in Restaurants. Prices are between $20-$40 for a main meal. But we can be flexible if you wanted to cater for yourselves


 We stay overnight near the locations in a guesthouse or hotel (winter) or Camp locally (Summer)*. Your accommodation will be arranged for the duration of the tour, let us know your preferences. Guest rooms have private bathrooms. Rooms can be single, twin, double or triple.

Extra activity ideas

Consider combining this photo tour with other Nature activities on route.

Glacier Activities

This photo tour gets close to a few glaciers, so why not consider some nature activities on and under the glaciers? Standard ice cave tours (Crystal cave) can be booked directly with the tour, but you might want to consider upgrading to an ice cave adventure.

Golden Activities

The Golden Circle photo tour route may allow time for activities with local tour providers. Some of these are extreme tours, so please check for requirements and restrictions.

Zig-Zag Wander

Zig-Zag Wander

This was a photographer-crowded beach with few pieces of ice in January. Imagine my luck to spot the zig-zag in these chunks just as the clouds were completing the zig-zag. The moral of the story here is that sometimes, even when things seem hopeless there are treasures to be found. Settings f/8 5 sec iso800 […]

Blue Floaters

Blue Floaters

This was one of many overcast days at Jökulsarlon. These are so worth shooting through, because these conditions may seem uninviting to our senses when we are actually there, but create some really surreal scenes with Great colours and atmosphere. These chunks of ice were sitting grounded about 20M from the shore. Shooting with my […]

Snaefellsnes tour

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