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Tony W Chen

Tony, I didn’t get a chance to express this well in person before we departed, but thank you very much for being such a wonderful guide and instructor. I remember telling you that I want to learn to take photos that wows (at least that wows myself!), and you really helped me achieve that.

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Marty Saggese

Thor, thank you so much for your willingness to put in long days, for your photographic advice, and for your patience with our endless questions. And, for your positive influence with the weather gods! We cheered for Team Iceland all along in the EuroCup! And Tony, thanks for organizing everything, introducing us to Thor, and […]

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Adrian Steller

“I was fortunate enough to go on an Iceland Aurora trip in February 2015 with a great group and two excellent guides. We encountered a few other (massive) groups while we were there and I’m very glad I wasn’t rammed into one of those! Two vehicles, two guides and five other photographers was a good […]

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Pamela Sharkey

I would be very happy to post that my tour exceeded expectations (which are on the high side). My day with Owen was everything I hoped. He was incredibly informative and accommodating for my disability . Thank you again.

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Kip Cothran

We a group of 5 photographers from America (California) had a fantastically awesome totally terrific Supersonic and Bionic 10 days in Iceland! Our guide Owen picked us up at the Airport and we were off! Leaving 92°in California to arrive @ 34° and snow was the beginning. We had all of the elements, snow, rain, […]

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