Electron Night

This Northern Lights image was taken one evening on a long trip to Jökulsárlón in April 2013. We could simply go out when the skies cleared because the hotel was close to Jökulsárlón. This was a moonless night and probably the best opportunity for capturing Auroras before the Icelandic skies brightened for the Summer. The moonless night means that the best Aurora colours can be photographed because the is no light pollution. There wasn’t much glacier ice on the glacier lagoon, but there were patches of lake ice which is quite unusual for April.

Long Exposure

Although the sky was only exposed around 15 seconds, this was a 30 second exposure. The remaining exposure time was spent on the lake using the Magic Cloth Technique. I could have allowed more exposure with a longer exposure or higher iso (iso 1250). I wanted to present this new moon image as a dark image, so the parsimonious exposure style was suitable.

Cosmic Experience

Most of our overnight tours include the chance to shoot Auroras with our pro photographer guides. These photo adventures start and finish in Reykjavik and have overnight hotels in great locations for Electric Night shows. Over night stops close to Jökulsárlón or Kirkjufell mountain can give you much more than a regular Northern lights photo. Our evening Northern lights tours from Reykjavik are a good alternative if you are limited for time or tied to Reykjavik hotels.

Winter workshops

Our photo workshops will give the the best chances of photographing great Auroras at fantastic locations. These intense photographic adventures have 100% records for photographing Northern Lights over many years.

Northern Lights Photos

Here are some more photos of the Aurora Borealis to help keep you inspired by Iceland.

Electric Night Orchestra

I had just bought my Canon 5D mark III, so this was a chance to put the full frame camera to the test.

Snaefellsnes tour