Dynjandi waterfall

Dynjandi waterfall

Mountain waterfall

Dynjandi is a mountain waterfall in the Westfjords of Iceland. Dynjandi waterfall Iceland is the mother of all waterfalls, but not an easy one to photograph. The falls are so large and up a hill, so to get level with it you have to stand right in front of it and deal with the spray.

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Some say this is the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland.

Not easy photography

Photos rarely do Dynjandi justice, but it is very useful to include a person in your shot to show the scale. It is also worthwhile to take some telephoto shots from the bottom of the falls, I find this gives a truer representation of the shape (which becomes distorted when you get up in front of it).

It can be worthwhile to explore the base of the larger falls for some nice water features and an impressive background. The lower falls have incredible moss in the Summer. It can be good to explore these in overcast conditions.

The Dynjandi waterfall is in a beautiful setting and there are many missed shots where photographers get distracted by the waterfall. It is always a good idea to turn around a check out the view behind you. The waters in the surrounding fjords are well sheltered and can give fantastic reflections.

Arnarfjordur Westfjords

Dynjandi Vertical

Arnarfjorður  Iceland photo location

Arnarfjorður Iceland photo location

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