Dýrholaey – Animal door island

Dýrholaey is a volcanic island (well almost) with a host of animal shaped sea stacks on it’s Southern side. The landmass was formed by sub-glacier eruptions many thousands of years ago during thick ice-ages. The sea, weather and other volcanic events have now shaped the location into a fabulous photographer’s paradise. There are not many places can you stand and get great shots in every direction, but Dýrholaey is one of those places.

The sea cliffs accommodate a large puffin colony from May – August. This location features on our Iceland Puffin Map.


The lighthouse at Dýrholaey sits centrally on the highest point and warns of all the odd shaped rocks sticking out of the surface of the water below. The light house is of square architecture with little castle turrets, the structure would have looked at home in British India in the days of the Empire.

Dýrholaey is a popular spot for sunsets on our South Coast photo tours. It also features on our 2 and 3 day Jökulsarlon photo tour.

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Popular Viewpoints

Facing South

The view stretches out across the North Atlantic but the immediate ocean is dominated by these animal shaped sea-stacks. The largest has a huge door and is connected to the land. It is possible to walk out onto the door and here is a view of the door.

Facing West

There is a magnificent view as the black beach stretches West for miles and miles. In clear weather there is a good view of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Also in view is the interesting Pétersey which is another fine example of a sub-glacial eruption.


Facing West

Facing East

In the East it is possible to view Reynis Drangur (sea stacks at Vík) and from beach at Reynishverfi it is possible to see Dýholaey. Here is the view of Dýholaey from the beach at Reynishverfi.


It is possible to connect with local tours on the Mýrdalsjökull glacier such as The Mýrdalsjökull Ice cave.


Facing North
It is possible to see much of the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier which is dominated by the dome of the Katla Volcano.

Dýrholaey was the home of an important character in the Icelandic “Bruna Njalls Saga” (The Burning of Neil). Kari (the singed) was the only person to escape the arson attack. He was a friend of Njall’s son and he vowed to avenge the attack (although he never did). He was reported to have a farm here at Dýrholaey

Tours to Dýrholaey: South Coast and 2 or 3 day Jökulsarlon often include Dýrholaey.

Note: in the early Summer, they close Dýrholaey in the evenings to allow the birds to nest.

Reynisdrengur from Dyrholaey

A few years ago a Dutch couple were standing on the edge of the cliff here when it collapsed into the sea. Dutch couple in Dyrholaey.

Photo tours that could include Dyrholaey

South Iceland Photo Tours

South Iceland Photo Tours

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Vesturhorn in Winter light

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