Godafoss North Iceland

Godafoss North Iceland

Godafoss North Iceland Photo Tour

North Iceland trip

These beautiful light conditions can be found in North Iceland during the Summer. The reds go so deep when the sun and clouds are right and then it happens all over for the Sunrise just a few hours earlier. As a general rule, Icelandic waterfalls are facing the nearest coastline, so Northern waterfalls face North, Eastern waterfalls face East and so on.

This photo was captured with the Magic Cloth Technique. Which is a long exposure camera technique for balancing the highlights and shadows.

Our photo tours usually plan overnight stops close to Goðafoss waterfall so that the possibility of shooting it in the Summer sunrise is always there. Facilities are good and the chance of having the sunrise to yourself is quite high.

Winter tours

Goðafoss is very beautiful in the Winter also and often has plenty of ice to make your trip worthwhile. Visiting the waterfall in the Winter needs at least a 3 or 4 day tour because it takes a day of diving just to get there.

North Iceland workshops

Iurie and Skarpi are running regular photo workshops around Iceland (with friends). These 8 day photo workshops will include some quality shooting at Godafoss waterfall. See all our Iceland workshops.

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