Ice Lake

This Aurora was on our workshop last week. This snake like display was dancing over Jökulsarlon. The glacier lagoon was kind enough to offer reflections and there were only whisps of cloud in the North sky. The half moon helped with the exposure by lighting up the glacier icebergs floating in the ice lake. The Magic Cloth helped a bit more.

Magic Cloth

For shooting reflections or the foreground in a nighttime scene, the Magic Cloth works wonderfully. For the Magic Cloth Technique, the main condition is having a long-exposure, in order to control the exposure to different portions of the scene. So if you are photographing Aurora, which generally involve exposures between 30 and 5 seconds, the condition has already been satisfied without having to add filters. The only equipment you will require is a straight-edge fabric or card.
The technique demands a bit of extra exposure time because the perfect exposure for the northern lights will mean that the lower part of the scene has to be exposed for longer.

Zero Filters

Aurora pictures ought to be taken without filters. Circular filters will cause circles to to arise in in your aurora image.

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Magic cloth photography

Facts about Aurora Borealis

The Oxygen in the atmosphere over 150 miles above the Earth’s surface reacts with the plasma & makes the sky appear red.

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