Our Hveravellir photo tour visits Iceland’s beautiful interior geothermal oasis.

Hveravellir is a beautiful geothermal Oasis in the middle of a huge stony desert. Getting there is the hard part as it requires hours of driving on very rough terrain through kjölur vegur. This is so rough that many guides don’t like to do this trip. If you survive this drive, you will be rewarded with one of Nature’s geothermal masterpieces in the middle of a vast stony desert with very little else. Although the track is rough and the landscape vast, it does reveal some incredible volcano and glacier views.

Hveravellir has an uninterrupted view to the North, Summer sunsets & sunrises work very well here. The metalic blue pool is a wonderful contrast against the warm Summer sky.


Running only from mid June to mid September (and can be subject to change).

Timings: The tour will start around 20.00 mid June. This trip will involve shooting through the night hours (22.00-06.00) and returning to Reykjavik at ‘Stupid o’clock’ in the morning. We will revert to regular hours towards September.

Locations and activities:

The Hveravellir photo tour will start with an hour drive from Reykjavik and stop at Geysir and Gullfoss. The kjölur vegur route starts 20min after Gullfoss. After around 2 hours of rough mountain track we arrive at Hveravellir. Here we can enjoy some of the most beautiful geothermal fumerals and hot springs in Iceland.

There may be a chance to bath in the natural hot-tub in the midst of the nature.

The trip may also include a visit to another geothermal zone at Kerlingarfjöll (depending on time).

Please use the contact form to ask any questions.



Here you can reserve a photo tour which includes the Highlands. Select the “Highlands” option for places like Landmannalaugar, Kerlingarfjoll or Hveravellir. It is possible to book multi-day photo tours with days in the highlands also.


Please use the contact form to ask any questions.

Blue pool at Hveravellir

Steam vent at Hveravellir