In February the ice on the glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon can be packed together tightly. The main reason is that over the Winter, the ice hasn’t melted and instead has built up on the glacier lagoon. When the ice on Jökulsarlon is fully loaded, the surface of the ice becomes sculpted by the strong winds. The sculpting leaves a rippled pattern on the ice.

The photographer’s dream can also be a photographer’s nightmare. Although there is a lot of ice to choose from there is also a challenge to make sense of the chaos and make an effective composition. I decided to make the rippled slab of glacier ice the center piece for my composition. For exposure I used the magic cloth over 15 seconds. Actually the scene doesn’t have a great dynamic range, so the Magic Cloth was very subtle – covering the sky maybe 50% of the exposure. The result is a nicely exposed slab of rippled glacier ice. For colour, I decided to leave it with the cold white balance which the camera chose. I shot with auto-white balance and left it as it was.

*Canon 5D3
*24mm f/1.4
*15 sec

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