Iceland photo locations

Iceland's diverse Nature is mostly due to the battle between Ice and Fire. This means there are amazing opportunities for Landscape photography in almost every part of Iceland. The following Iceland photo location guides are written with the travel photographer in mind.

Local information 

These photo location guides describe Iceland's most scenic places with information about access, tips for photographers and photos of these photogenic spots in all types of Icelandic weather and in different seasons. The locations in these informative Iceland guides include popular Iceland photo locations that have maintained access throughout the year.

Top Iceland places

Some of the locations are remote and can only be access in the Summer or by boat or plane. Many locations have been left out because we don't want to spoil some of Iceland's local secrets.  The lesser known photo spots can be enjoyed by guests on our Iceland photo tours and workshops.

Landscapes and Coastal

Some of Iceland's most exciting landscapes and coastal scenes are included in these articles.There are coastal location guides from all around Iceland and some landscape photography areas right in the centre of Iceland.




Icelandic Waterfalls

Many of the best waterfalls in Iceland also feature in these photo location articles with tips for great photography as well as keeping safe and keeping your camera dry.




We feature geothermal photo locations with opportunities to photograph steaming vents and erupting geysers.  These hot-spots lie along the continental divide that cuts through Iceland.  At these locations you can see the effects of the volcanic heat that is miles below the surface.



Glacier Ice

In the Winter, Ice can be found in any part of Iceland (even inside your car). Glacier ice stays all year and these articles look at some of the top Iceland photo locations for ICE.


Other Locations

These articles discuss Iceland Photo locations that don't fit into the other categories, such as Reykjavik, the Capital of Iceland. We even show you the best places for puffins including the best time to see puffins in Iceland.



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