Mauro Mendonça

Mauro Mendonça joined our January Winter workshop with 5 other passengers. We enjoyed good conditions and unusually warm for January.

The highlights of the workshop were our one and only chance to catch the Northern lights. We worked hard to chase the single gap in the clouds which indicated the eye of the storm. The winds were approaching dangerous levels as we used the Jeeps and then Huge Rocks to shelter behind. It was our local knowledge that brought us to the Glacial tongue at Heinaberg. The Aurora was moderate, but we made the most of it when it glowed above the glacier tongue.

The next highlight was the incredibly rare Nacreous clouds in the Southern sky. They are rare in the Northern sky, but seldom seen South of Iceland. Mauro did very well to expose for the highlights as the Nacreous clouds glow against the darker sky.

Taken on our Winter workshop.