Mountain scenes on our trips

Mountain scenes on our trips

Icy Mirror

Sudursveit mountains

These are the mountains of Suðursveit (Southern County) in South East Iceland. This Winter scene shows mid-day sun on the mountains. This is the harshest light of the day during mid-Winter.

These mountains are to the East of Jökulsarlon and are included on our 3 day Jökulsarlon tour.

Dragon’s feet

Landmannalaugar mountains

The mountains at Landmannalaugar have painterly colours due to the interaction of the rheolytic rock and the geothermal gases. This is the view across a valley in the park from one mountain to another. There are 3 sheep grazing on the green part of the mountain, (just to give you a sense of scale).

Landmannalaugar is normally accessible late Summer. We run a Landmannalaugar day tour.



Kirkjufell’s pointed shape has caused it to become Iceland’s most photographed mountain over recent years. The fossil rock steeple would have been disconnected from the main land mountains by a huge glacier flow many years before.

Kirkjufell and the waterfall at Kirkjufellsfoss is a key feature on our Snæfellsnes Photo Trip.


Night photography detour

The name of this frozen lake literally means between the mountains. This was a long exposure on a Winter night with the colourful glow of Reykjavik in the far distance. The city is about 20km away but the orange glow travels far. The ice around the edge shows how the lake has frozen and thawed a few times.

This detour location could be included on a Northern Lights tour.

Lava Fields

Lava Fields

There are places in Iceland that make you feel like a visitor to another planet. Iceland’s Lava Fields are frequent in the landscape in a thick strip of land through the middle from The North East to the KEF international airport.

Rauðisandur Beach

Rauðisandur Beach

Rauðisandur beach is on the South side of Iceland’s Westfjords and is south facing. Rauðisandur is also spelled Rauðasandur and features “Red Sand”.



Lóndrangar are volcanic plugs on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. These tough basalt rock pinnacles are the remains of an ancient crater. This area offers some of the best views of Snæfellsjökull Glacier on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

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