Northern Lights Adventure

Northern Lights Adventure

Midnight Adventure

Our Iceland Winter workshops are based near the glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon. We stay in a hotel close to the lagoon to give us a fair chance of getting photographs like these. We have a 98% success rate for Northern Light photography on these 5 day Winter workshops.

Red Star

Glacier lagoon Aurora reflections The Northern lights reflected in Jökulsarlon is a dream come true for many photographers. Although composition is an important part of aurora photography, sometimes you just have to shoot them where you stand.

Purple hat

Powerful Aurora and ice Photographing the Northern lights usually presents under-exposure challenges for the night photographer. Sometimes the Aurora flashes so brightly that it lights up the landscape. In these situations, it is a challenge not to over-expose the photograph.

Twin Streaks

Powerful Aurora display A high energy light show is great! To see layers of streaks is amazing. It looks like a celestial rainbow in the sky over the Glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon.

Green Lantern

Ice and auroras A weak, distant Aurora can be disappointing, but gives a unique opportunity for longer exposures. Using the Magic Cloth Technique, it was possible to produce a brilliant exposure of the foreground ice with the colours refracting through.



Andrew McKelvie joined us for a 5 day tour of South Iceland in January 2020. Andrew explores the planet with his camera, both above and below the water surface.

Richard Johns

Richard Johns

I participated in a photo tour with Iceland Aurora, led by Tony, from 21-25 January 2020. This was a wonderful experience. Tony was a great host and organiser, adapting successfully to difficult weather conditions and rearranging the itinerary to mitigate my late...

Kirsten Morton

Kirsten Morton

Kirsten enjoyed great conditions on a 3 day tour in December 2019.  Please check out her testimonial.

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