Phil is a natural landscape photographer from California.

These pictures were taken on a 4 day tour which went through Landmannalaugar to the glacier lagoons of the South East. The conditions were almost non-stop rain and drizzle, but the tour was fantastic with great photo opportunities regardless.

The same tour can be booked as long as there is access to the highlands and Landmannalaugar. Four days is recommended because the Landmannalaugar leg is time consuming with slow driving on very poor roads.

Phil’s tour ran in late July and we stuck to a late schedule finishing each day around midnight, this would have been later if we had sunlight.

Phil: “We saw and photographed locations that I am still trying to figure out where they were.”

Phil’s images really make the most of the conditions we had. Although we didn’t have the desired light, Phil composed and shot for the details. Using the the foreground well, Phil managed to convey all the drama of the Icelandic landscape. His images have good depth and a good sense of scale. The details and landscape colours are further enhanced by some skillful post processing work.