Iceland prices are not for the feint hearted. Some tours might require a loan and a day tour will buy you a week long tour in other countries. But, for a once in a life-time trip which will hopefully check a few bucket list items, here is our quick guide to prices.

Photo Gifts

Northern lights

Two of our regular guides run Northern lights evening tours from Reykjavik. Prices are around $200 USD per person. The prices are index linked, so they vary with exchange rates between the Icelandic Krona and the U.S. Dollar. Click Here to see the actual prices. We also have partners running private and bus tours. Again the prices are index linked, but can be found easily HERE.



Private tours

Our private tours are $980 USD for day tours with a little bit of variation between guides.

Multi-day tours get more complicated because the hotel costs change with the seasons and depending on how many guests there are.  The calendar is the easiest way to quickly check prices on Mulit-day tours.  You can price check up to 10 days (9 nights) for different times of the year and for your group size.  It is also possible to add ice-cave tours.

Private Multi-day Prices


Photo Workshops

5 day Winter workshop with Tony Prower – from $1850 USD

Our partners

See prices of various workshops offered by our partners HERE.


Scheduled tours

We offer very reasonable scheduled tours that run on Tuesday during Winter full moon phases. Although photo instruction isn’t available, these tours include hotels and quality time at top photo locations.

3 day tour

  • Single (1 person, single room) USD1,133.44
  • Twin (2 persons, twin room) USD1,955
  • Triple (3 persons, triple room) USD2,893.44
  • 5 day tour

  • Single (1 person, single room) USD2,326.68
  • Twin (2 persons, twin room) USD4,010.28
  • Triple (3 persons, triple room) USD5,175.92