Landmannaman: travel photographer in Iceland



A man at Landamannalaugar makes it Landmannamanalaugar. This Summer travel photographer was really taken with this spot and his outline really helps to show the scale of these snow spots on the famous Icelandic mountains.

Icelandic Highland

This is the start of the amazing painted mountains at Landmannalaugar. This is one of the beautifully scalloped hills with a few dots of Winter snow still on the North face. The snow really gives extra information about the notches and contours on this hill-face.

Telephoto Landscape

I saw the shot I wanted with my 135mm, but as I got closer to make the composition, I noticed a huge group of photographers gathered at the bottom of the hill (just out of scene), this guy was right on the essential snow for my shot. He was there for ages, so I had to just shoot it with him.

After all he adds a great sense of scale to the photo.

I really wanted to shows the greens as natural as possible. So this is just a contrast curve adjustment with no colour correction. This is a luminous landscape and I wanted to show this. Shot with AWB.

I also wanted to show the textures. I used selective contrast and clarity on the rugged slopes.

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