Iceland detour

Iceland’s increasing popularity creates a dilemma for travel photographers. You want to see Iceland and experience the wilderness, but you don’t want a bus full of people walking into your shot.

This detour is designed for people who want a bit of peace and quiet to practice their Landscape and Nature Photography. The idea is to take you through the back roads to nice, relatively unexplored Iceland. The main tourist routes are well established. This detour aims to avoid these routes giving you an experience of quieter roads and locations.

The locations are not listed here to prevent tourists copying us!

This could be an ideal introduction to photographing Iceland. Customers will have the time and space to learn photographic skills from one of our professional photography guides. Great photographs don’t necessarily need huge waterfalls and incredible mountains.



Take us away from the tourists

A full day detour offering all the benefits of a day tours, but without the crowds. Over populated locations can lead to frustration and missed opportunities. Sometimes, the locations on detours are not feature rich like the Golden Circle.  The raw natural landscapes of South West Iceland they can be rewarding for Landscape & Nature photographers. The tourist free zones offer excellent situations for people wanting to learn landscape photography.   A day out in these areas can satisfy any photographer.

Tourist free zones

Arctic Shots will take you to parts of Iceland where the tour buses don’t go, just click the picture below to bok a day tour.

custom Iceland photo tour

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