If you want to share a longer tour, find other passengers by advertising in the TripAdvisor or Photography forums.

When you book a tour, you have the option of selecting Private or Shared.

Choosing a shared tour will allow other travelers to book your tour with you.  The advantages of this is that you share the excitement and the cost – which will be shared equally between passengers.  The disadvantage is that your tour will not be as flexible and the one2one time with you will also be shared.

If you create a shared tour, you will have the choice of destination.  The booking wont be confirmed until all parties are agreed to the details.  You can help to find other people by advertising on TripAdvisor.com just start a thread in the ‘Iceland Forums‘.

Note: we normally only confirm Shared tours when all passengers are in complete agreement to commit to a private tour. If nobody wants to share your tour, we will contact you before the cancellation period to discuss your options.

You can reserve your place on an existing Shared Tour by selecting dates which are Purple on the calendar.  On the booking form, you will be able to see the destination of the tour and the price – which will be shared equally between passengers.

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Find details about our shared tours here.

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