Vestrahorn – long exposure photography

Vestrahorn – long exposure photography

Vestrahorn mountain Iceland

Long Exposure Photography

Horn Wash

Vestrahorn Mountain

Vestrahorn Mountain is close the the town of Hofn in South East Iceland. The jagged peaks and black sands make this one of the best beach – mountain combinations and one of the top photo locations in Iceland. This coastal landscape photo was taken from the Stokksnes shore.

Long exposure landscape

Long exposure photography is a useful way of communicating movement of natural objects such as clouds and water. This 10 second shutter speed has communicated the movement of the sea along with the incline and contours of the beach. This was a magic cloth photograph, so not all parts of the scene had 10 seconds of exposure. The sky would have had about 1 second exposure, the sea around 4 seconds and the foreground about 8 seconds.

East Iceland

It is possible to photograph the mountain at Vestrahorn Stokksnes on our workshops and long tours. The minimum photo tour for Vestrahorn is 3 days, unless we arrange a fly tour in which case you can see it in 1 or 2 days.

Seven day Full Circle

Seven day Full Circle

Iceland has a rich variety of landscapes and seascapes and this tour is designed to enhance that variety & capture Iceland's full diversity in a week long tour around the country. Prices from $8,847 USD

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