This was a photographer-crowded beach with few pieces of ice in January. Imagine my luck to spot the zig-zag in these chunks just as the clouds were completing the zig-zag. The moral of the story here is that sometimes, even when things seem hopeless there are treasures to be found.

5 sec
6 stop circular filter

The curving sea action was a result of timing and shutter speed. 5 seconds was long enough for the movement, but short enough to keep some shape. At 5 second, the magic cloth has to be so quick to avoid artifacts in the sky, the sky only had a fraction of a second exposure. There was no need to have anything further than the ice in sharp focus, so I wanted f/8 to give a quality DOF over the front piece. My main compromise was iso800 to get it down to 5 seconds. A 3 stop filter maybe would have been better, but the iso800 performance is perfectly adequate.