Icelandic Naked Yoga

Introducing our first book in cooperation with Hanna Birna… The Icelandic, Naked Yoga Project.

This is an exploration of the Icelandic Nature, Yoga and the Human form. The book features a selection of photographs taken over the project duration of 18 months. This book was created to show the beauty of Yoga exercises along with the beauty of the human body set in the beauty of the Icelandic nature.

Iceland, the land of Ice and Fire, is the setting for this book, naked people, performing regular yoga poses in the Icelandic wilderness.

Icelandic naked yoga project

Yoga, demonstrates beautifully the intrinsic relationship between body and mind. In fact, the word “Yoga” means “Union”.

The idea grew from a sunny Summer morning on the Glacier Lagoon at Jökulsarlon. I was wading in the ice lake taking photographs when the idea came to remove all my clothes. With the help of my Canon 40D’s 10 second delay and a tripod on the shore. I was able to wade to a good position and pose during the countdown. The questions was… what sort of pose? I had just started practicing yoga, so I attempted a beginner tree pose (Vrksasana).

The Icelandic, naked yoga project

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