Iceland – land of the midnight sun & Northern lights.

Iceland has an enchanting variety of landscapes in such a small space. From glaciers and icebergs to volcanoes geysers and lava flows. Icelandic Summers have 24 hour daylight. Winter displays the northern lights (Aurora Borealis). Incredible waterfalls and rivers all year. Iceland is amazing.

A lot of Icelanders live in the capital leaving the remainder of the nation pretty sparsely populated. The short dark days of winter and the lengthy bright days of summer season each have their tourist points of interest. There are plenty of activities for the sightseeing traveler.

Keflavik airport is positioned in the South West – roughly 45 minutes drive from the capital metropolis Reykjavik.

Summer in Iceland

The midnight sun is a very unusual phenomenon whenever you first you encounter it. The sun sets at about 12.00pm in Reykjavik. It then rises in less than an hour and at 1:00am. It is simply amazing. Attempting to get to sleep might be fairly troublesome. Most quality hotels have thick curtains to block out the light.

The bird population in Summer is incredible.

Winter in Iceland

The Northern lights are an incredible phenomenon. If you are lucky enough to have clear skies, the opportunity shouldn’t be missed. The vastflood plains look dramatic with a layer of fresh snow.

Driving in Iceland.

In Iceland you drive on the right. It’s essential to ALWAYS drive with your dipped headlights switched on, even within the daytime. In contrast with driving in Britain, driving in Iceland is a dream, the roads are nearly empty. Be careful on single lane bridges. The first car has the right of way, but confusion can lead to accidents. Winter roads can be dangerous with Ice and Wind. Summer roads can be dangerous with distracted tourists.


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