Category: Night & Northern Lights

Please find Technical articles discussing Night photography techniques & camera settings for capturing stars, Northern lights and landscapes. These articles look at any type of photography that is created at night. Night photos can be made in the Nature or in the city or sometimes with a blend of the natural and human made.

There is a lot going on in the night skies. Low cloud could be absorbing the city lights. A full sky of stars with no moon or light pollution can lead to spectacular photos. Powerful, modern cameras can allow us to see heavenly clusters such as the Milky Way with more clarity than the naked eye experience. Longer exposures can leave star trails which can give your pictures a creative twist.

Night landscapes

If you have the patience for the long exposure times it take to expose a night landscape, you will uncover secrets in the dark. This is low light photography at it's most extreme and you better get the composition, focus and exposure right before pressing the shutter.

These technical articles include photo examples of Night photography in Iceland. Camera settings and gear recommendations will get you started on your journey into Night photography, while the background stories will inspire you to take your camera out in the darkness.

Aurora Mountain

This South Iceland spot can be very good for Northern lights photography because there is a possibility of capturing a reflection of the Aurora Borealis in the landscape.

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Tiny Comet Aurora

This night photograph, from Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon in Iceland, captured Northern Lights and a comet disappearing into the North sky over Iceland.

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Spikes on Earth

This Northern lights photograph teaches me to be humble at this time in my life. It represents the place I am at in the universe, and maybe you too?

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Green Angel

This is the best place you could possibly stand to photograph the Northern lights. Once you have captured floating glacier icebergs with an aurora reflecting in the still lake, it is difficult to top.

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