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A collection of photos, articles and tutorials all about Iceland landscape photography. These photo tutorials include cameras, lenses, camera settings, composition, sharpness and tricks for getting great exposures. Even if you are highly experienced and know all the techniques, landscapes can really test the key technical aspects of photography.

Landscape composition

Composition in landscape photography is perhaps more critical than it is in other forms of photography. The chaos in Nature makes composition challenging in some scenes where the photographer has to restore some visual order. There are rules of composition and many of these rules break other rules of composition. There are tricks you can learn to help you see like an artist and these can help both with landscape composition and post-processing decisions.

Focus & Sharpness

Focus can be critical in the taking of a quality Landscape photograph. Viewers of the final print will be the ultimate judge of sharpness. Getting the balance between adequate Depth of field and a high quality aperture requires a bit of technical guidance.  When you consider Depth of field in visual art, then aperture becomes the brush.  Iceland landscapes have such a variety of textures that deserve good sharpness and some subjects that will need a manual focus, read more about intelligent focusing here.


Mastering exposure in Landscape photography will take every aspect of your photography to the next level. But landscape photography throws every exposure challenge at you. When the sky and the landscape have big exposure differences, it is good to know about filters and techniques to get the best out of the scene. From high dynamic scenes to low light situations with very long exposures, landscape photography in Iceland tests all your exposure skills.  For advanced exposure control check out my Magic Cloth Technique in the guide to Long Exposure Photography.

Landscape photography articles

Mirror mountain

This beautiful Iceland Landscape features a mountain called Hofell which is an ancient volcano in the South Eastern part of Iceland.

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Communicating Depth in the landscape

Pictorial depth is a third dimension in a 2 dimensional image. Being able to communicate depth in an image will increase the sense of space and using pictorial depth cues is a composition skill.

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