Crowds – What can we do with them?

I have mixed emotions when I turn up at Skogafoss with photographers. The first views of the falls from the main road usually brings about gasps of excitement. As we enter the car park and approach the falls, the gasps turn to groans.

What can we do with all the people?

This is the most FAQ when we arrive at Skógafoss. Apart from the unpleasant suggestions of setting them on fire or shooting them, there are simple things you can do.

Get ahead of the people – always make sure you are the closest person to the falls, then you will be in everyone’s photo, but nobody will be in yours. The trouble with this approach is that you will get so wet and so will your lens, you could maybe get 1 or 2 shots like this. You need wide angle if you are this close.

Long exposure – sometimes this works if people are moving around. A long exposure will get rid of most of the people. Be careful not to have person in white stopping in front of a dark rock.

Wait – it seems impossible, but all of those people have to go home. Just as fast as those big crowds arrive, they can disappear. If you have the time, find your spot and wait it out for 30 minutes.

Cropping and composing above their heads, it is a shame to miss the river, but there is plenty to see above the crowd.

Skogafoss crowds

Skogafoss  cropped-2

This next photo was cropped from the featured image at the top of the page..

Skogafoss crop

If you can’t beat em…

If you can’t get your clear shot, just shoot the tourists!

Skogafoss pose

Skogafoss colours