Magical landscapes 1 – Video tutorials

Magical landscapes 1 – Video tutorials


Landscape video tutorials

These video tutorials will encourage you to wave your magic cloth at Nature’s Landscapes for many years to come. These tutorial videos were created over 4 days in Gorvík Iceland. This is a hard to find part of Iceland that the people named after US politician Al Gore to celebrate his work as an environmentalist.

Magical Landscapes 1. introduction

Follow me as I explore familiar ground and I introduce you to landscape photography in the landscape that inspired me to take up photography. These youtube vids are only excerpts as the real vids are over 20min each.

Part 1. Pictures taken on day 1. Very cold January afternoon. Step 1 is exploring the landscape and finding compositions with the Esja mountain as the regular background. We stop to shoot mount Esja with a variety of foreground, starting with some snow. 4.30 min with English subtitles.

Part 2. Pictures taken on day 2 and 3 with a demonstration of how to control object proportions using focal length. A nice finish down by the shore with a strong sea-scape. 6.02 min with English subtitles.

Part 3. Pictures taken on the morning of day 4. On the fourth day there was light – revisiting some scenes to take advantage of the light. Excerpt of some basic lightroom processing. 5.35 min with English subtitles.

Part 4. Post processing. I take one of the images through lightroom, photomatix and photoshop.

All 4 are available as a feature length download for $5…

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