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by Tony Prower

Technical Things

My collection of photography tutorials, articles and photographs have been accumulating since 2008.  I enjoy writing about the stories behind the landscape photography in Iceland.  Most people don't realise the amount of planning, travelling and waiting that is involved in landscape photography, but that is all part of the fun and adventure of photography. Some of the articles were written when I had other things on my mind, but hopefully you can pull some clarity out of what I am trying to say.  Sometimes the articles become technical, so please browse through the Beginner's guide to Photography section to get used to what the photography jargon means.

Tony Prower

Tony Prower

Landscape Photography

I believe that we can aspire to become artists of photography.  With discipline, dedication and a commitment to learning we can express ourselves through a lens.  The journey is similar to a meditation path where the essence of photography is incredibly basic, but cameras and lenses can become incredibly complicated.  Landscape photographs can be so serene that they can help with healing. There is also a connection that happens between the photographer and the subject.  As you study the visual aspects of a landscape, night sky or Aurora Borealis, a special bond is formed between you and that part of Nature.  It might be an insignificant part of Nature, but it is incredibly important that you photograph it.

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