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Two Hampshire Nuts

Introducing a new project that I am working on with an old friend and fellow photo nut, Jason Gines. These videos are shot in the woodlands of Hampshire in the South of England, just a walk away from where I grew up. Jase (Jazz) and I have known each other since we were teens although we weren’t aware of each other’s craziness for nature photography until recently.

Jason Gines Nature Photographer

Photography Jargon

We plan to talk freely bout our techniques without having to stop and explain what iso or aperture is all the time. As we build the project, we hope to have a complete glossary of terms that can be easily accessed through out youtube play-lists. This first episode is suitable more for the intermediate photographer who understands photography jargon already, but we hope there is something for the beginner or more advanced photographer as well.

Pilot video

Our pilot episode is just something we put together over 2 separate days and 2 woodland locations. Some of it was shot with a Canon 70D,some with the Olympus Pen and some with my camera phone. Sound quality was an issue in some cases and the light caused problems with some of the filming, but it’s all about learning. Hopefully, we will be bringing better quality videos which communicate nature photo techniques in an entertaining way. I will be working on these between my Iceland trips and hope to extend the UK locations by next Summer to include filming and local workshops.

UK workshops

Winter photo workshops in Iceland and UK workshops in various locations starting with the South and hopefully including the whole of the UK (including the beautiful Scotland). So if you are interested in meeting us on our way around Britain, go ahead and subscribe to our face book page. This way you will get news of events and videos.

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