I received this email initially on the 16th April 2011

At 3:27 PM, Christopher Dobson wrote:

I want to make a reservation for my Greek friends,They will be visiting your country for their first vacation visit.
They are just two (2) couples

*Mr & Mrs Aikos & Sotiria Keto(38yrs and 32yrs)
*Mr & Mrs Gabby & Hanna Yannis (42 and 35yrs)

Kindly quote them for a 7 days holiday touring package program for them, in the month of June 2011 and get back to me with offer
*Arrival Date : 10 June 2011
*Departure Date :17th June 2011
*Number Of Days : 7
*Number Of Guests : 4

Confirm availability and get back to me with your rates and total cost of your services, So that i can make immediate deposit.
Waiting for your reply.
Kind Regards
Christopher Dobson

I responded in the positive and sent him a quote… today (27th April) I received this email:

At 4:18 PM, Christopher Dobson wrote:

Good day Tony,
Thanks for your reply. I am glad to confirm that the cost and conditions of your offer is acceptable by the guest and they have agreed and are willing to make a deposit payment immediately.Because this delegates do not speak your local language,i have arranged this with a linguist who is willing to undertake these responsibilities on their behalf and she will also take care of some of their other travel logistics like flight tickets, travel insurance, car rentals for the Guest etc.


Payment will be made with credit card because,all funds for this booking has been credited to my credit card.You will be authorized to charge from my credit card 50% deposit for your service plus $8,950 for the translator, I really need you to make the charges for the Translator as she does not have a credit card facilities (POS machines.)
The terms are 50% deposit now and 50% on or before weeks of arrival.

You will charge $8,950 (translator fee) plus 50% deposit for your service and pass on the balance to the translator to enable her make other arrangements as explained in my above email.
I understand that you pay a surcharge to your credit card company on the amount of the transaction,I confirm we are willing to pay the surcharge.
Please confirm the charges as below:

1.50% deposit for your service=…………
2.Translator Fees :…………………………$8,950
3.Bank% charge on card(surcharge):…..

Confirm this and provide me with the following information’s:
-Your Company full name/address
– Name of the Contact person
-Direct Telephone and fax numbers

Names of the Guest
*Mr & Mrs Aikos & Sotiria Keto(38yrs and 32yrs)
*Mr & Mrs Gabby & Hanna Yannis (42 and 35yrs)

I will send you my credit card details when I receive your confirmation email, so that you would charge as agreed and authorized by the Guests and I also hope the visit of the guest will be made comfortable.
Looking forward to your reply.

Chris Dobson

I became suspicious because he wanted to put such a large amount onto my credit card which included the translators fee whom I have never met. So I put his name into google and found this site:

I also reported the email to gmail.
Hopefully another of his potential victims will find this and stop trading with him.