This was in my inbox today. A tour enquiry packed with details and requests. Something made me suspicious, not sure what it was, maybe the pushy nature of the message. Anyway, I googled his email address:
[email protected]

… and found this discussion.

Hi there,

I require a tour for four of us as part of our one year wedding anniversary. We are coming from London and will be staying for 8 days. I require your organization to do all the arrangement like provide 5 star hotel 2 double bed room, car rental with driver and a guide etc.

We will like to see things like history site, beaches,wildlife,culture and interesting places in different cities. As it is our first time in your country I want your organization to bring up suggestions or your past program and put up an itinerary and provide us with the itinerary and the whole cost of the tour

Our budget plan is EUR 4000 per person and should not exceed the amount Our possible arrival date is on the 18th August 2011 and departure on the 28th August 2011 but subject to change according to your itinerary.

I want your organization to work out the itinerary as quick as possible. Get back to me with any question to help you to develop the itinerary.

Rowland Greg

Anyway, it pays to be a bit vigilant and it takes no time at all to google someones name or email address.

I wouldn’t advise it, but I decided to reply…

Hello Rowland,
I need a photo of you so that I can see who I am chatting to. I also need a photo of the group of 4. Please send me a recent photo so that I can see if they will fit into my vehicle. You know that one year of marriage can make the Bride and Groom a bit chubby.

What part of London are you from?

You know that I offer photo tours, so if your people want some glamorous pictures for their fond memories let me know. i don’t mind getting dirty… or steamy!!

There are no 5 star hotels in Iceland because everyone lives in turf huts. But don’t worry because the couples can stay at my girlfriend’s hut and we can all be cosy together and even get steamy, my girlfriend is good with make up and so she can even make a chubby girl look good… even naked.

4000 EUROS will be just fine, just wire it to my account straight away and we can start our intimate details.
Here are my banking details:

Arthur Charlton Power
IBAN no. IS686 0328 2600 1569 1712 6422 29
Arion bankiBorgartúni 19
105 Reykjavik

Best regards

… his reply…

Hi Tony,

Are you accepting credit card ? I am currently not in a position to do hall banking.


The next stage will be a request for my credit card details. Lets see if I can play him along a little more…

Hi Rowland
no I can’t accept credit card, I have no facility.

I need the full amount transferred to my account immediately because I have other people interested in those dates. It is very likely that you will loose the availability.


Of course all my bank numbers have been changed.

On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 3:17 PM, Rowland Greg wrote:

Hi Tony,
Go and buy card facility because we will be in steady business

My reply…

Hi Rowland
I am not allowed to own a card facility because of my previous convictions with weapons, drugs and pornography.

Where are you in London? I have connections!! Maybe you could just give the cash to one of my London friends, you wont have far to go because my friends are all over the city. Don’t worry, they are very secure guys, you don’t mess with them and they wont mess with you.

Get back to me and maybe we can settle this today!!


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