Abstract Ice

Taking photos in ice caves can be a roller-coaster of a photography adventure. You never know what the cave is going to look like because they change every year after the Summer melting. Generally I go prepared with a wide angle lens because the ice structures over head are massive. You need a wide angle to capture any decent part of it because you are so close to the structure. This is an abstract picture from the roof of an Ice cave. This was taken with my Zeiss 50mm prime lens. This is an odd choice in a huge ice cave, but here I wanted to take an abstract piece of the glacier ice. I was as close as my lens could focus (it’s not macro lens).

Vatnjökull Ice Cap

This Ice Cave was under Breiðurmörkurjökull – part of Vatnjökull glacier in South East Iceland. Breiðurmörkurjökull is the glacier that feeds Jökulsarlon with those big floating ice bergs.

Colour Jelly

This was mid January on a 3 day photo tour. We hit the beach about an hour before sunrise after a comfortable breakfast.

Nacreous Dawn

Nacreous clouds are difficult to expose. The trick here was under-exposure to make sure I didn’t loose any of the details and colours in the glowing cloud.

January Star

It was horrible conditions that brought about this beauty. We were sand blasted and windswept on the black sand beach, day 2 of a 3 day tour.

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