Detti Darko – Dettifoss waterfall

Detti Darko – Dettifoss waterfall

Dramatic waterfall

This is a favourite place of mine to sit and wait. This was on a photo tour around Iceland last week to Dettifoss. This time I was waiting for the rain to soak these big basalt rocks, but alas only a few spots came. Strange to have Europe’s most powerful waterfall beneath my feet spilling out thousands of gallons per second, yet the sky could only afford a thimble of water per square km. Like those big waves on the beach, it never rains when you want it to.

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Magic Cloth

This image was gradually introduced to my digital sensor with a magic cloth long exposure. Use the Magic Cloth Technique.

Posted by Iceland Aurora Photo Tours on 2014-07-18 18:38:59

The Magic Cloth approach was born out of the necessity to get the picture right in the camera but to nonetheless boost the dynamic range of a scene.
The Magic Cloth Technique includes controlling the amount of exposure throughout a very long exposure to various elements of a landscape. It replaces a set of Graduated filters.
A set of quality Graduated filters are about the same cost as a used car. Instead, I decided to purchase a quality ND filter. This allows me to get a long exposure in daylight. This is where the idea came to be, because during a 30 sec shutter, I wondered what would happen if I covered the sky half way through the exposure. I used my lens cloth (Consequently Magic Cloth) The Magic Cloth approach has an identical effect into a soft grad filter and may also act as a Reverse Grad.

It is also possible to completely clean your lens half way via an exposure. Quite helpful for waterfall photos. It is possible to use the material to keep the lens dry during the exposure.

Maybe you need to give more exposure to the shadows like a average northern light show, the Magic Cloth Photography is a useful tool for your camera bag.

Magic cloth photography

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How to Photograph the Northern Lights

How to Photograph the Northern Lights

A total guide to taking photographs of the Northern lights for Digital Cameras & wide angle lenses. This night photography guide includes camera settings, equipment suggestions and some Northern lights photo examples.

Pink Pearls at Jökulsarlon Ice beach

Pink Pearls at Jökulsarlon Ice beach

I was trying to triangulate the 3 main subjects.  The middle iceberg was a bit too close to the center but getting closer to the nearest piece of ice allowed me to form a triangle.  It was important to be a few meters from the ice, so that I could include more sky with them.

Beauty and the Diamond Ice Beach

Beauty and the Diamond Ice Beach

This was one of the most rewarding mornings I ever experienced at the Diamond Ice Beach at the Glacier lagoon at Jökusarlon,  I used to run tours to Jökusarlon and back (to Reykjavik) in a single day.  This was a 14 hour trip with 10 hours of driving.  In December,...

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