Contre Jour Ice | Diamond Beach | Iceland Photography Print


Iceland Photography Print featuring glacier ice on the Diamond Beach. The crystal ice is backlight by the rising sun.

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Capture the breathtaking beauty of Iceland with this stunning photography print. This stunning image features the iconic Diamond Beach, located on the south coast of Iceland. The beach is known for its unique beauty, where chunks of glacier ice are strewn across a black volcanic sand and a golden glow lights up the sky at sunrise. This is an enchanting sight that will captivate you time and time again.

The image has been taken using a technique known as contre-jour, which illuminates the crystal of the glacier ice against the warm tones of the sunset. This creates a beautiful contrast that highlights the intricate shapes and lines in the ice. The glorious colours range from pink and orange to yellow and blue, making for a truly stunning view.

This striking photography print is a great way to bring a touch of the Icelandic wilderness into your home. With its captivating beauty and awe-inspiring colours, it’s perfect for adding a touch of tranquillity and inviting ambience to any room. It’s a great way to adorn any wall and show your appreciation for the beauty of nature.

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Matte Paper, Slim Canvas, Smooth Aluminium


30×45 cm / 12×18″, 60×90 cm / 24×36″, 50x70cm / 20×28"


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