Iceland from the air

Planes, helicopters & gliders

Flying not only gives you a unique view of the beautiful country, but a remarkable amount can be seen in a short time. Being in a volcanic landscape is rich and fascinating, but when you see Iceland from the air, you get a deeper sense of the volcanic power below the surface. You will see how lava flows have spilled onto vast areas from chains of craters. Take delight in the incredible patterns of the glacier rivers as they run over black sand.

Flying tours

Most of us flew to Iceland, but to continue flying when you get here is a highly memorable experience. Below we have an assortment of flying tours. Planes helicopters and gliders will keep your Iceland trip in the fast lane and make sure your don’t miss an inch of this amazing country.

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As the name suggests, this is where you glide. This is the closest you will come to being a bird in Iceland. You might find out why so many birds flick to the beautiful Arctic island.

Warning, they say this is addictive!!


Norðurflug Helicopters

Helicopters give you total control. The ability to stop and hover means that you don’t miss anything. Great for photography or those wanting a bit extra from their Iceland holiday.

The Icelandic for helicopter is “Perla”


Planes from Reykjavik

From the comfort of the city, you can catch one of these sightseeing flights to add the cherry to the top of your visit to Iceland.


Planes other areas

It is possible to jump on a sightseeing plane in other areas as you travel around Iceland. This are economical ways to add alternative views to your trip as you travel around.