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Maybe you are stuck in Reykjavik because of bad weather, cancelled tours or maybe you never even heard of the incredible nature. The quirky little city is not just full of crooked bankers and politicians, the architecture is a blast from Denmark of the past. There are more Icelandic books than Icelanders! you can spend hours browsing the bookstores of this highly literate nation.

Iceland fact:80% of the population of Iceland live in the capital area.

There are some beauty spots in the Reykjavik area. If you can escape from the hot dogs and puffin gift stores, there are beauty spots to be found in the lowest and highest parts of Reykjavik. See our location guide for Reykjavik.

What’s on in Reykjavik?

You can’t come to Iceland and complain about the weather, right? OK, so maybe you can. If you keep getting thrown out of the puffin shops for loitering and you haven’t spotted Björk in any of the record shops, you could use a little help!!

Things to do in Reykjavik

Please find plenty of great activities in Reykjavik – the Nation’s capital thanks to these great tour operators.

Leif Erikson Statue Reykjavik

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