Sightseeing South West

Sightseeing South West Iceland

Iceland has many sights to see. There are great sightseeing tours in all parts of Iceland. Here is a bunch of tours and activities with the best sightseeing opportunities in the South West. These activities & tours will give you access to some of the best know parts of Iceland, without having to travel too far from Reykjavik..

South Iceland has a great mixture of fire and ice and is easy to access throughout the year.

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Basalt Columns black sand beach

Sightseeing tours in the South and West of Iceland

Iceland’s South Coast and Western peninsulares offer many rich sightseeing activities for arctic explorers.

Reykjanes Peninsula

Iceland’s volcanic Reykjanes peninsula has a variety of geothermal features and a great coastline.

Reykjanes photo day tourThe Reykjanes peninsula has a magical atmosphere where black sand beaches and ancient lava fields covered with moss can be photographed. There are plentiful birds in the Summer near the cliffs so this area offers great variety for photographers. In good weather the peninsula is great for sunsets and in the Winter is fantastic for hunting the Northern lights. Join this photography day tour to the rough landscapes of Reykjanes with a professional guide who can assist you with your photography.

The famous Blue Lagoon is on the Reykjanes peninsula. This day tour will give you the chance to photograph raw black beaches with red cliffs, geothermal zones with mud pots and hot springs – like being on a different planet.

A photo day trip along the Reykjanes peninsula where the lunar landscape is rich with volcanic and geothermal wonders. The Reykjanes peninsula is on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge so earthquakes are very common in this area. The peninsula is only 40 minutes drive from Reykjavik.

  • Duration:one day
  • Bridge between continents Arctic Shots invite you to explore the volcanic wonderland of the Reykjanes Peninsula. The peninsula is young in geological terms and offers volcanic craters, lava fields with moss and mountains. Perfect for a day out with your camera and not too much driving from Reykjavik.

    Tour includes Pick up from hotels/guesthouses in Reykjavik and a guided tour with a professional photographer.

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  • Food & drinks
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  • Weather in Iceland can be cold and windy so dress properly especially during winter time
  • What do I need to bring?

  • Camera or cameraphone
  • Duration: 8 hours
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    Sightseeing tours in the South East of Iceland

    South East Iceland has the best weather in Iceland and a whole host of exciting tours and activities.