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Whales frequent the coast around Iceland.

The great creatures of the ocean can be seen regularly in the outer edges of Reykjavik harbour. Mink whales can been seen on most whale watching tours. Porpoises are just as easily seen. If you are lucky you could catch a breaching hump back as they frolic outside the harbour waters.

Photographers will do well with a fast camera. A long lens is popular, but a wide angle lens could also work if you are lucky enough to get close to these massive creatures.

We share the sentiments of many of the companies who run these tours that the consumption of whale meat by tourists to Iceland increases the need to hunt whales (this is not just down to tourists, of course, but whale eating tourists don’t help the issue).

Join the Campaign to avoid Icelandic restaurants serving Whale Meat.

Humpback whale breach

Humpback stellwagen.JPGBy Whit Welles – Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

Elding have large comfortable boats offering more availability. Whale safaris are in smaller boats with more intimacy. Whales of Iceland host an exhibition featuring all the whales of Iceland as life sized models.


Whale watching & sea tours from the capital of Iceland.