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Storm warnings – Icelandic weather


issued 14th Nov 2018
Very poor driving conditions in North Iceland with possible road closures. Same conditions on higher roads in the East and warnings of dangerous driving conditions in South East Iceland. The rest of the country will have lots of wind and rain. Please check conditions on road.is before your travel.

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Winter driving conditions

Summary issued 31st October 2018 There is still Autumn rain on most parts of Iceland, but could be Winter conditions on higher ground and the Westfjords. Very slippery conditions at many top tourist locations, be prepared with...

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Frost on the way – Iceland weather update


issued 5th Sept 2018
Highland hikers, please keep a close eye on the weather and have pro-gear because the night temperatures will drop and wind increases mean a change in conditions with even blizzards. Watch out for slippery mud in tourist areas.

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Solar storm on it’s way

Solar storm warning

issued 14th Feb 2017

According to NASA, a solar storm is on it’s way to Earth after a mass ejection on the Sun’s surface on Sunday Night. This could produce aurora displays if the sky is clear. The storm is expected to hit the Earth in the small hours of Thursday morning.

Aurora forecast
The Northern light forecast is quite high for the next few days.

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Sightseeing tours

Some people come to Iceland just to sit on a rock and listen to the sea. Can you imagine that? Many people realise that there is such a lot of things to see in a small space. There is such a lot to do in a short time. If you are...

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Oskar the Ice man

Dramatic Ice cave photography from the land of ice and fire Oskar, the Ice cave guide. In the eye of the Dragon… Oskar is an experienced Ice cave guide. He is one of the original glacier guides from the days before the ice...

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Snow storm

It seems crazy to be writing an article about a snow storm in Iceland, but this was 50cm of snow that fell over night. It was declared the biggest snow fall to hit the capital in 17 years… and I was there. Staying at a...

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Horn Reflect – Tony Prower

[ad_1] Reflections give us double the beauty. Altered textures and altered reality giving us extra depth … Horn Reflect – Tony ProwerHorn Reflect Good old Vesturhorn reflected in a shallow sand pool. The light was not...

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