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Northern Lights Tours

Iceland Northern lights Tours There are 2 types of Northern lights tour that you can book on Iceland Aurora. Photo tours We run small group Northern light photo tours from Reykjavik. These are run by photographers and have a pro...

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Solar storm on it’s way

Solar storm warning

issued 14th Feb 2017

According to NASA, a solar storm is on it’s way to Earth after a mass ejection on the Sun’s surface on Sunday Night. This could produce aurora displays if the sky is clear. The storm is expected to hit the Earth in the small hours of Thursday morning.

Aurora forecast
The Northern light forecast is quite high for the next few days.

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Horn Reflect – Tony Prower

[ad_1] Reflections give us double the beauty. Altered textures and altered reality giving us extra depth … Horn Reflect – Tony ProwerHorn Reflect Good old Vesturhorn reflected in a shallow sand pool. The light was not...

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