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  • People at Skogafoss

    People at Skogafoss

    Crowds – What can we do with them? I have mixed emotions when I turn up at Skogafoss with photographers. The first views of the falls from the main road usually brings about gasps of excitement. As we enter the car park and approach the falls, the gasps turn to groans. What can we do […]

  • People at Goðafoss

    People at Goðafoss

    People at Goðafoss Aren’t people lovely? This waterfall was designed by The Gods, for The Gods, and yet all we see there are lesser mortals! I didn’t even see this guy when I was taking the shot. Of course, I had all that Golden Sun in my eyes, it was only the Magic Cloth that […]

  • Patience is  virtue

    Patience is virtue

    I just stumbled across this sequence of shot from a cloudy day at Jökulsarlon 6 years ago. Sometimes you get there and the visibility is poor, there is a lot of thick cloud and the ice is not quite doing it. If you have flown half way around the world to be here, there is […]