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In 2004, I touched down at the Iceland International Airport for the first time.  I ended up staying in Iceland for 14 years.  These posts document my Nature Photography Adventure around Iceland & some of the things I learnt.

Tony Prower



These articles include my approach to Landscape Photography.  I discuss landscape photography topics such as composition, exposure and sharpness as well as recommended camera gear.

Landscape photography

Blue skies arrrgghh!

Blue skies are my favourite for sunbathing, but not for landscape photography. An opinionated article about clouds and depth.


Long exposure photographs communicate movement by making the most of motion blur.  A Slow Shutter speed opens the door of creativity.  These posts discuss using long exposure in creative landscape photography.

Ice beach waterfall

Waterfalls & Slow Shutter Magic

Long Exposure Photography How to get a silky Effect on Waterfalls Icelandic Waterfalls Waterfalls are countless in Iceland. The multi-plateaued volcanic landscape…


Night photography helps you see more in the dark.  It also helps you learn how to use your camera very quickly. Iceland has a lot of NIGHT, but only in the Winter months.  These posts talk about capturing night scenes & Northern Lights in the Icelandic Nature.

Northern lights HDR photography

Northern lights HDR photography

Northern lights are a real treat for the travel photographer, but what’s the point if you can’t see the landscape your are…


Magic Cloth Photography is a technique for controlling the amount of exposure to different parts of a landscape photo. During a long exposure, the Magic Cloth will help you dodge and burn an image onto the digital sensor.


These posts attempt to explain Landscape and Nature photography to the beginner.

cat and mouse

Photography as Communication

If you have communication in mind when you take the picture, then your photograph will have a communication value. This article discusses…